Cloud Solutions in Indianapolis, IN

Cloud solutions are a key element of your organization’s digital transformation journey.  What exactly are cloud solutions from an IT perspective? Cloud solutions utilize computing hardware and software resources in a hardened, redundant and fully survivable data center environment, versus spending valuable resources to maintain and support those resources at your organization’s place of business.

Cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure provide a secure, cost-effective approach to storing, processing and retrieving your company’s vital information. Just as importantly, cloud solutions enable secure, yet simple access to vital company information anywhere your employees may be working. In this day of remote working, the cloud enables your employees to maintain their productivity level anywhere connectivity to the internet is available.

Cloud communications solutions, for example, eliminate additional costs well beyond hardware and software. Carrier service costs are dramatically reduced with cloud-based unified communications platforms. Costs in energy consumption, maintenance costs, software upgrades and hardware refreshes are literally nonexistent with a cloud communications platform.

Is your company growing quickly? Migrating to the cloud allows you to quickly and cost-effectively scale your IT footprint with ease.

How Does the Cloud Work?

In simple terms, the cloud, or cloud computing as it is often referred to, is a system that enables you to use IT resources that already exist, instead of needing to purchase your own computing hardware and software. Instead of paying for a license to use a program at a considerable cost, you can pay for only what you use so there are no wasted costs. The difference in pricing can mean dramatic savings for your company.  Plus, cloud computing provides you the flexibility to scale the resources you subscribe to either up or down, depending on the current needs of your organization.

Cloud services are an excellent choice for start-up businesses to keep their costs down as they grow their business and clients, access information, such as client files, emails, and any business applications you use. The requirement to forklift expensive servers, processing and storage every 4-5 years is eliminated by migrating to cloud services, along with the operational costs associated with maintaining this complicated hardware and software infrastructure.

Benefits Cloud Solutions Offer

You can reap many benefits if you enlist the help of cloud computing services for your business.

Increase Data Storage Capacity

As any business grows, so does the data storage capacity that is necessary for its day-to-day operations. Using the cloud allows you to have infinite storage capacity, while also making it much easier to access applications and data you need to conduct business.

Enhance Collaboration, Increase Productivity

If you have more than one corporate location, then you can definitely use cloud computing to your advantage. Many applications, when shared between different locations or even by different departments in a business, will only allow one user to be in a specific document at a time. Cloud computing allows multiple people to use the same documents at the same time to make communication between them much easier, as they can both see the same thing at the same time. Cloud computing enhances collaboration and increases productivity for all your workers.

Cuts Down On Costs

Businesses cut costs by only subscribing to the computing resources and storage they need, rather than scaling a premise-based platform larger than what is required to accommodate growth. Capital expenditures are further reduced by subscribing to subscriptions such as Microsoft Office 365, Antivirus, EDR and other software applications, rather than purchasing the entire suite of these products outright. Plus, these software subscriptions are updated automatically, reducing administrative overhead.

Secure and Reliable

All of your information that is stored in the cloud is secure and readily available, no matter where your employees choose to work any given day.

Industries That Benefit the Most from Cloud Solutions

Several different industries benefit the most from cloud solutions due to their specific needs.

  • The healthcare industry benefits greatly because patient information needs to be secure, and the cloud can protect it all according to the guidelines for specific healthcare businesses.
  • Insurance companies can also benefit from using the cloud as they can set up a customer portal in order to reduce the many phone calls they would normally receive after an insurance claim is started.
  • The cloud allows businesses in the auto industry to look up car makes and models to find parts for servicing a vehicle.
  • Educational institutions use cloud solutions to enable students to easily see and retrieve their assignments online at any time.
  • Financial institutions also rely on information to be secure and confidential about their customers’ bank accounts and loans.
  • Manufacturing companies usually have several different locations, and they can easily correspond with each other and see the progress of items that are being produced from anywhere in real-time.

Let Van Ausdall & Farrar Migrate Your Business to the Cloud

At Van Ausdall & Farrar, our highly experienced IT professionals can assess your current IT situation and help you to eliminate the items you don’t need that are costing you valuable money on a yearly basis. We have many years of experience helping businesses just like yours. We can optimize your system and streamline it to operate more efficiently and at a lower cost by using cloud solutions. Contact us today for a new approach to your IT.