Cloud Solutions in Fort Wayne, IN

Internet technology (IT) is constantly evolving and improving to supply businesses of all types with new methods of operating. Cloud computing solutions enable you to store all of your business data, networking, and software in one secure site instead of at your physical office location. There are many advantages to this type of data storage.

Benefits Cloud Solutions Offer

Any type of business can run more effectively and efficiently when they enlist cloud solutions to aid them.

Increase Your Data Storage Capacity

When you use the cloud for your data storage instead of using the hard drives on your business’ computers, you will never run out of storage room. When you store everything on your hard drives at the office, it will eventually get to the point where you have no more room, and you will need to add more space on your current computers or upgrade to new computers at quite a large cost. Data storage off-site can save you from this headache.

Secure and Reliable

Cloud solutions are 100% protected to be the most secure and reliable area to store all of your documents, software, and data. There is a large team of experts who are in charge of making sure that your data can’t be breached in any shape or form to give you peace of mind.

Cuts Down on Costs

Using the cloud for your storage will also cost you just a nominal fee each month for the programs and items you actually need and use on a daily basis. Instead of purchasing large packages of software with various applications included that you don’t use, you pay for only the applications you need to save up to thousands of dollars per year on software licenses.

Scaling Abilities

With a cloud solution, you get to decide exactly what capabilities you want to use. It’s very simple to make changes to your monthly plan by scaling up to include more functionality or scaling down when you are no longer using a particular item.

Business Continuity

When you use cloud computing, all of your business’ different departments and locations have access to the same information, which improves business continuity. More than one person can be viewing or making changes to documents at the same time, and each person can see in real-time what the others are doing. This saves a lot of time from the need to print out materials and use hard copies for multiple users at once.

Cloud Solutions from Van Ausdall & Farrar

At Van Ausdall & Farrar, we offer complete IT packages for your convenience to keep your business running smoothly. We offer subscription services at a nominal monthly fee for all of the programs and applications that you need for your business. We offer cloud hosting to make websites and applications available to you and your business, no matter how small or large, with several servers to give you better flexibility. Our virtualization program offers you a simulated environment for all of your computer needs rather than you having the need to have it physically in your office.

How Cloud Solutions Have Impacted our Fort Wayne Clients

Our highly experienced technicians have many years of experience in IT services along with cloud solutions. If you have an IT issue, you will have our full support with one of our employees to help you every step of the way. We have helped our clients to save money and be more efficient at the wheel of their IT so they can concentrate on other items and grow their businesses.

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