Cloud Solutions in Evansville, IN

The cloud is a term for storage solutions that are off-site from your actual business location. You can store any type of data or paperwork in the cloud to save the space needed on your hard drive. It’s easily accessible by anyone in another office or by clients through a client portal. When you utilize this IT solution, it saves you a lot of the cost of having your own full IT department for servicing and maintaining your sensitive information.

What Is the Cloud and How Does It Work?

The cloud enables you to store all of your business data that would normally be on your computer on the internet so you can access it quickly at any time. You can find your customer records while you are at a customer’s office by accessing the cloud storage with a laptop or smartphone. This allows you to quickly solve problems without the need to make calls back to the office for information or without the need for you to physically go to your office for solutions. It is reliable, safe, and quick for all types of businesses, both small and large.

Instead of purchasing expensive licenses for programs and then needing to pay a fee when they have updates, you merely pay a small monthly fee to use the products you need. If you don’t need an entire suite of computer programs, you won’t be paying for more than what you use. It gives you peace of mind that you can always access your data, and it is updated continually in real-time.

The Advantages of Working in the Cloud

There are many different advantages when you enlist cloud solutions for your business.

Increased Computing Performance

Your data storage on your business computer won’t get overloaded with too many documents stored on it, which can cause your hard drive to crash if it’s overloaded. This will enable you to help your business run smoothly without excess data on your computer.

Keeps Costs Down

Purchasing software packages is very expensive for a suite of different products. This is a major cost for small businesses or start-up businesses because you need a license for each system. You also can’t choose only the systems you use because they are usually sold as a total package deal at a higher cost. Cloud solutions enable you to only pay a small monthly fee and for only the items you need, so you will save valuable money on a yearly basis.

Data Security

Cloud storage is the most secure manner in which to store all of your company data. It’s very safe and can’t be accessed by just anyone at any time. Your security is backed up by a large team of experts that make certain that you will not experience any type of data breach, no matter what type of business you have. Your sensitive client and company information is available to you 24/7.

Easy to Scale Up or Down

You can also remove some of the programs whenever you wish if you no longer need them. You only pay for what you really use and need in the cloud and nothing more. If you want to add another program, you can also do that and immediately have access to it for a nominal upgrade fee in small monthly payments.

Easy Access for Remote Employees

Many employees work remotely from their home offices or from additional satellite offices that you may have for your company. All employees can access your IT information easily by logging in from any device that has internet service. This allows your business to run effectively and efficiently even when an employee is on the move in their car.

How Cloud Solutions Have Helped Our Evansville, IN Customers

All businesses from small to large can benefit from cloud solutions. In a newly formed business, the cloud can save you valuable money from needing your own IT department with several employees. This saves money on programs and hardware as well, which is important when you have a start-up business. Seasoned businesses also reap the benefits of cloud computing as they are able to save money on a yearly basis from service and maintenance on their own equipment. Van Ausdall & Farrar can help you to move in the right direction to make your company more profitable and help you to decide which items you really need to cut down on operating costs.

Have Van Ausdall & Farrar Move Your Business to the Cloud

Our team of experts has years of experience in cloud solutions. We can audit your current situation, and we will make it our goal to decide which items you really need so you can save costs on items you don’t need or use. Call Van Ausdall & Farrar in Evansville, IN for modern business solutions to stay ahead of the competition.