Newmar Corporation

Van Ausdall & Farrar consulted with Newmar Corporation in northern Indiana to replace the motor coach manufacturer’s aging Siemens HiPath 4000 PBX that didn’t support Newmar’s mobile phone and contact center needs. VA&F designed, implemented and conducted turnkey, end-user and administrative training on a leading edge Mitel MiVoice Connect platform. [Download PDF]

The Company

Since 1968, Newmar Corporation has proudly built motor coaches by hand, one at a time, with the help of the expert craftsmen of Nappanee, Indiana. Their recreational vehicles are a passport to countless hours of fun and memories with family and friends. Before working with Van Ausdall & Farrar, Newmar employed a Siemens HiPath 4000 PBX
with limited contact center functionality and no ability to support mobile users. The system grew increasingly challenging to expand and maintain.

The Objective

A customer’s first encounter with Newmar is typically made through its communications system. Newmar set out to improve its customer experience with goals such as reducing onhold time and eliminating automated pickups. Mobile employees needed to be easily accessible using their corporate PBX.

In addition, Newmar’s Siemens PBX was reaching End of Life (EoL), making it difficult to maintain parts/obtain adequate support. Contact center functionality prohibited the necessary flexibility to route calls. Moreover, management’s ability to make informed staffing-level decisions suffered. Overall, Newmar required a system that would meet the demands and service/support expectations of their expanding customer base.

The Strategy

Van Ausdall & Farrar leveraged its top UC engineers to perform an in-depth discovery with every department head to uncover pain points throughout the organization. Van Ausdall used its 150 years of telecom experience to design and implement a next-generation UC platform to improve service levels, advance management, simplify administration, and reduce operating costs.

Over several days, Van Ausdall performed job-specific end-user training to 500+ employees in a classroom environment at Newmar’s campus. This hands-on, instructor-led training proved critical in optimizing a return on investment.

The Results

Newmar improved overall customer satisfaction with a 40% reduction in wait time by implementing Mitel’s Enterprise Contact Center platform. The platform also delivers weekly management reports via email to identify call trends, allowing Newmar to adapt appropriately.

The implementation of Mitel Advanced Mobility for 200+ employees provided much greater customer access to mobile workers on campus, reducing the missed calls and voice mails that must be returned. The result: Much improved customer service.

Lastly, the Mitel Director administration portal dramatically simplified administration of Newmar’s campus-wide communications system, freeing IT staff to address other tasks and projects.

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