Monarch Beverage

Monarch Beverage was at the end of a lengthy print contract with their current vendor, and they wanted a new company that could bring ideas and programs to save money and simplify print management. They needed the experts at Van Ausdall & Farrar. [Download PDF]

The Company

Monarch Beverage is an industry leader through its efficient operations, customer service and community leadership. To maintain this position, they are always looking for process improvement and fiscally responsible solutions. When their current print contract came to an end, Monarch sought out a new partner to bring fresh ideas and greater expertise.

The Objective

Monarch’s existing vendor relationship created a difficult maintenance model for their print needs. Current equipment offered only desktop printing, and the high volume of printing they needed made the process expensive. They needed a high production print solution. Centralizing high volume print and copying functions would not only create better quality, but also reduce costs and maintenance for the organization.

The Strategy

After completing a Technology Strength Assessment, Van Ausdall & Farrar realized that Monarch’s high volume print needs were not under a performance agreement with their current vendor. This meant that if their print equipment failed, their current vendor had no accountability. In addition, they had unnecessary equipment that could be eliminated, opportunities to add accessories to existing equipment to expand capabilities, and an increased level of efficiency to gain by working with one vendor across all printers and copiers in all three locations.

The Results

New copier lease agreements negotiated by Van Ausdall yielded a 34% savings, a new maintenance program saved Monarch 39% over previous costs, and desktop printer costs were reduced by 77%. That’s a combined 44% savings. As a result, Monarch is looking to leverage the savings to make improvements with phones, document conversion, and print software — all to be sold and supported by Van Ausdall.


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