About Van Ausdall & Farrar

MarketShare Financial

Van Ausdall & Farrar is a long-time technology partner for MarketShare Financial and delivers all aspects of IT managed services. Van Ausdall keeps MarketShare’s technology operating at peak efficiency and ensures security in a highly regulated industry.

The Company

MarketShare Financial is an employee-owned financial services and insurance marketing organization based in Carmel, Ind., with a 30+ year track record of making a significant impact on the lives of many successful financial professionals and their clients. MarketShare Financial is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and must take security of its clients’ data seriously.

Van Ausdall & Farrar has served MarketShare Financial for 15 years and provides all aspects of IT managed services to this small business of approximately 20 employees.

The Objective

As a long-time customer, MarketShare Financial counts on Van Ausdall to introduce, deliver, and maintain the latest technology to conduct its business. MarketShare keeps its focus on serving financial advisors and their clients and leans on Van Ausdall to be a single-source of all-things-IT and to maintain a healthy management of MarketShare’s technology systems and infrastructure.

Dealing with sensitive data and market-based investments, the security of private information is imperative for MarketShare. Van Ausdall keeps a watchful eye to protect against viruses and ransomware as well as ensuring advanced encryption technologies keep information out of the wrong hands.

The Strategy

With regards to maintaining security, Van Ausdall not only provides the appropriate technology, but helps MarketShare’s employees better understand cybersecurity issues, what to look for, and how to keep data protected.

Van Ausdall strives to be a one-stop shop for Marketshare’s IT needs, working side-by-side on projects, and serving as help desk. Van Ausdall and leadership from MarketShare meet at regular intervals to review systems and to create a strategic roadmap for new initiatives.

The Results

The client-customer partnership between Van Ausdall and MarketShare Financial is 15-years strong and serves as a testament to Van Ausdall’s ability to consistently meet MarketShare’s needs and expectations. In addition:

  1. Van Ausdall is a one-stop shop for MarketShare’s technology environment
  2. Van Ausdall brings awareness of smart solutions to meet ever-evolving security issues and vulnerabilities.

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