Berger Hargis

Berger Hargis Landscape Management is a small business that needed a stable and efficient technology setup for its small office and mobile solutions for its dozens mobile employees. [Download PDF]

The Company

Berger Hargis Landscape Management serves commercial and residential customers in the Indianapolis metropolitan area with lawn care, landscaping, maintenance for aquatics, trees and shrubs, and related services. To aid its service commitment, Berger Hargis needed a stable and efficient technology setup for its small office and mobile solutions for its dozens of employees and seasonal staff working all over Central Indiana. One employee served as the lone technology specialist and was pulled in too many directions.

The Objective

Having grown as a small business since its inception in 1994, Berger Hargis needed updates and upgrades to its technology environment to align with its growing office staff and work crews. The goal was to build an environment that would provide consistency for employees and complimented its quality service reputation. An improved system would allow Berger Hargis staff to be more productive and reduce the frequency and occurrence of technological
issues. Van Ausdall could provide expertise in all areas of IT, offering Berger Hargis access to a specialized expert for help regardless of the issue.

The Strategy

Similar to most small businesses, Van Ausdall started by conducting an assessment of Berger Hargis’s technology environment. This process helped Van Ausdall understand where sound technology infrastructure was in place, and where the environment required improvement. Van Ausdall provided structured, detailed documentation and helped onboard their contacts.

The strategy with a full-service IT client such as Berger Hargis is to provide their office with all of the capabilities that Van Ausdall has to offer. Van Ausdall has a deep understanding of all aspects of technology solutions including security and compliance.

Van Ausdall recognized early on that the field employees are highly reliant on paper for documentation. Currently, Van Ausdall is in the process of creating a customized digital method to streamline and automate service records for work crews.

The Results

Van Ausdall is managing all aspects of Berger Hargis’s technology environment and through ongoing strategic consulting is able to bring new ideas and creative concepts. Subsequently:

  1. Berger Hargis has seen a vast improvement in the state of technology in their
    operation. As a result of working with Van Ausdall, employees at Berger Hargis receive
    swift technology support and with more consistent and satisfying results.
  2. Important back ups are taking place while enhancements to their internal network have
    sped up their computing operations. Security and encryption is up-to-date and
    consistent on all desktops and servers.

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