Stay Connected at all Times:  Mobile Solutions for the Modern Worker

Bring your communications platform with you wherever you go.  Our advanced mobility solutions brings together all of the call handling, conferencing and directory features of your business system so users can work from anywhere. 

With our mobile applications, you can use your personal device without utilizing your carrier minutes.  Calls are received and sent through your business enterprise number so you never have to give your personal cell number.  Plus, you can quickly access your personal contacts and save on unnecessary carrier expenses. 

Our advanced mobility applications include:

  • Dashboard:  Easily view upcoming events, recent activities and join conferences in once click.
  • PBX Features:  Stay connected on the go with features such as real-time presence, visual voicemail, hold, transfer and much more.
  • Wi-Fi/Cellular Call Handover:  Never lose a call due to bad reception or Wi-Fi.
  • Security: SRTP security for both voice and UC signals, even in public hotspots. 

The benefits of deploying our advanced mobility applications are immense.  Mobility apps reduce costs and support BYOD seamlessly and securely.  The solution improves team professionalism and productivity, including the elimination of having to sort through complicated dial-in numbers and passcode entries by joining conferences with a single click. 

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