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Van Ausdall & Farrar will help you formulate a comprehensive business security solution plan for your company that maximizes surveillance measures in and around your place of business, so you can keep an eye on the business of risk management and loss prevention.

Why Video Surveillance?

An integral part of any security plan is video surveillance, which provides an around the clock, visual record of day-to-day operations at your company, including incidents of crime. Video surveillance cameras are watching 24/7/365; just their presence can be a powerful deterrent to illegal or fraudulent activity and theft. The recorded security video also gives valuable insights into areas of strength and vulnerability, which in turn can keep your business surveillance and security foolproof.

An increasing number of analog CCTV (closed-circuit television) systems are migrating to IP (Internet protocol) surveillance, a digitized, networked version of CCTV. In an IP video surveillance system, a special camera records HD (High Definition 720p/1080p) video footage. This high-quality security video content is distributed over an IP network, giving you detailed images of activity in and around your secure business.

Surveillance and Security Areas of Expertise

  • Perfect View – a complete video monitoring and surveillance solution that utilizes HDTVI (High Definition Transfer Video Interface) technology. A revolutionary security solution, it enables reliable long-distance analog HD video transmission over coaxial cable. Robust commercial-grade IP, TVI or analog equipment provides flexibility for most applications. Camera views can be accessed via popular web browsers and mobile devices. The state-of-the-art Perfect View VMS (Video Management Software) is capable of monitoring up to 256 recorders, over 1000 cameras per PC or 64 cameras at once via one PC with four attached monitors.
  • Digital Network Recorders – video system recording networks can be hooked up with new digital cameras or an analog camera. Compressed for storage size, video file quality remains impeccable.
  • Fixed or Dome Cameras – fixed cameras cover smaller areas such as entryways and hallways, while dome cameras monitor larger rooms by focusing on movement. The cameras are IP-based, which means they plug right into your network system and record video directly to a hard drive while simultaneously streaming to any number of monitoring stations.
  • Video Management Software – allows you to remotely monitor and control as many cameras as needed, such as individual locations with network-specific access. Video clips can be burned to a disc.

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