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Greg Moheban is an innovative business leader in sales, organizational development, and management. He is a highly accomplished executive manager in both small and fortune 50 Corporations. A strong developer of national and regional marketing and sales strategies, Greg has demonstrated proven results with business to business markets in new technologies and works collaboratively to acquire and develop long term customer and partner relationships.
10 01, 2017

Speech Recognition Solutions for Health Professionals Improve Patient Care

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Why are healthcare professionals adopting speech recognition technologies at a much faster growth rate than in the past?

Speech recognition has been around for many years, yet right now, the hospital IT market is really taking […]

26 12, 2016

Time is Now for Lawyers to Get Savvy about Mobile Speech Productivity

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Twenty-sixteen is a big year for lawyers and mobile technology. Statistically speaking, all lawyers now access work email, perform legal research and communicate with clients or colleagues 1) while away from their offices and 2) […]

12 08, 2016

BIOTECH Cluster is Big and Getting Bigger in Indiana… BioCrossroads

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BIOTECH Cluster is Becoming Bigger In Indiana With the Help of VAF
Within our own daily endeavors we think of companies and competitions for customers, clients, and new business initiatives. Indiana has the benefit of a […]

6 06, 2016

Fly Over County

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Flying over the U.S. vast Midwest territory looks much the same until you see the Rocky Mountains or the expanse of America’s top cities on each coast. What you see is much of the farmland […]